Collaborate, Communicate, Cooperate, Co-create

Connecting Private, Public and Social Sector Leaders and Organizations to Make Communities Better

3 Sectors of a Community

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Leaders Transform Communities.

When the Church chooses to collaborate with each sector, there is an opportunity for unity and kingdom impact that can transform communities.

The Church can equip their people with the calling for community transformation. The Church then has ambassadors they can partner with in every area of culture. However, when the Church only focuses on themselves, they are drawn away from impact in communities.

Prayer Assist and Community Impact ROI have been called to be part of this revolution.


Thomas Bush is a community transformation consultant. Through his knowledge of national community movements, he helps them fulfill their community mission, increases their impact and share the message of Christ with those they serve.

If you are interested in this movement you can contact Thomas at or (619) 742-8694 (voice or text)

Community Impact ROI Overview:

  • Communities contain 3 sectors
  • Private Sector
  • Profit-Making Businesses
  • Public Sector
  • Education, Government, Military
  • Social Sector
  • Family, Non-Profits, Faith Communities
  • The Church exists in all sectors through their congregations.




Community Impact ROI

Faith Communities Equipping

When faith communities equip their people with the calling and DNA for community transformation that they can apply in the places where they serve in the community, the equipped people become catalysts for transformation in the community and the faith community has ambassadors they can partner with in every area of culture. Private Sector provides primary funding for Public Sector (through taxes) and Social Sector (through wages and donations). Revelation for partnership in prayer and Community Transformation. Faith Communities, including the Church, exist in every sector through their people.

Leaders Transform Communities

When we choose to collaborate within each sector and across sectors, there is an opportunity for the unity and collaboration toward kingdom and community impact that can transform communities.